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Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue Replica Watch

Best Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue Replica

Since summer finally arrived, the review of the Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue Replica was timed just perfectly. The review version came on a blue fabric strap with white and orange stripes. Tudor delivers the Heritage Chrono Blue with a steel bracelet and the additional fabric strap. The stainless steel bracelet is not part of this review. The fabric strap features the same color scheme as the dial and bezel and is closed with nicely finished steel buckle.

The Heritage Chrono Blue features a chronograph and a date indication, besides the hours, minutes and small seconds. The elapsed time is indicated on a 45-minute counter, instead of the usual 30-minute or 60-minute counters that can be found on virtually every other chronograph. That makes the Heritage Chrono Blue of course a good tool to measure the two halves of a football match.

The chronograph pushers have to be unlocked before they can be used to start, stop or reset the chronograph. This is one of the features that we know from the Rolex, which featured this first on their Daytona reference 6240 that was introduced in 1965.

It has never been so easy to describe the overall appearance of a watch: summertime! That's only possible because everything about the Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue was just perfect. The design is incredibly nice, the case is extremely well-made and the movement runs perfectly. That leaves nothing to complain about and all attention goes to its looks.

Tudor Heritage that was also recently released. Each of these modern timepieces is in fact directly inspired by vintage Tudor watches. Aside from the size and some minor details, the new versions of these watches are remarkably similar to the older versions. While the Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue is a thoroughly modern watch in its materials and construction, there is a heavy helping of retro 1970s design. The original model this watch is based on is the Tudor "Montecarlo" ref. 7169.

Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue Replica Watch

While Tudor has been the affordable alternative for Rolex - it was created to be exactly that, Tudor set itself a bit more apart with the introduction of timepieces like the predecessors of this Replica Heritage Chrono Blue in the early 1970's. Other Tudors of that time also feature a designed that give the brand more of an own face, like the vintage dive watch with so-called 'snowflake dial' that served as inspiration for the Tudor Pelagos.

The Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue Replica Watch is a cool looking, 'summery' watch that attracts many positive responses. It looks like the summer and it feels like the summer. I guess the advertisement that Tudor created for it, with the speedboat and the water skier behind it, only adds to that feeling. While wearing it, a song composed by Gershwin keeps coming back to my mind: "Summertime and the livin' is easy…"

Replica Tudor supplies both a steel metal bracelet and strap with each Heritage Chrono Blue. Tudor is a detail-oriented company (just like Rolex), and if there is anything positive to say about the Replica Heritage Chrono Blue it is that Tudor really makes sure each angle of the watch looks and feels good. Detailing is meticulous and people familiar with watches will immediately notice the excellent use of materials.